Return policies can influence online sales

The recently published "2023 Returns Happen" report includes survey responses from 2,000 shoppers and 200 enterprise retailers about online shopping expectations when it comes to return policies.

That data confirmed that shoppers are returning more online orders and rising return volumes are impacting retail operations. Yet it also highlighted how an effective returns process can be a key competitive advantage for omnnichannel retailers. Surveyed shoppers shared details on their preference for box-free, label-free returns and how certain return policy factors can influence their buying decisions now and in the future.

Below are five key takeaways from the "2023 Happy Returns" report. You can also download the full report here.

How are you planning to manage returns this year?

If you're curious how box-free, label-free returns can help your business improve operations and increase customer lifetime value, we'd love to hear from you.


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