Returns & exchanges on autopilot

Leverage our best-in-class return portal to automate returns, increase loyalty, and boost exchange rates.


One-click exchanges

More than half of apparel returns are due to a size issue. If the shopper says the sweater they bought is too small, they’ll be offered the next size up if your shop has inventory available.



Return Shopping

A new, free revenue stream for Shopify merchants, helping drive shoppers to your e-commerce store within the return experience, helping retain revenue without the financial reporting challenges associated with exchanging items of different prices.



Tracking & reporting

The merchant dashboard provides insight into the what, when, where, and why of your returns, with full visibility of the status of each return as it travels back to your warehouse.



International returns

Standardized international returns experience with language localization, flexible shipping options, and a consistent experience that benefits both shoppers and customer service teams.




Your image

Easily swap out your mobile and desktop background images in the merchant dashboard.

Your brand

Choose a favicon and button color that reflects your brand identity.

Your voice

Customize welcome, item list, and confirmation messages, default login method, and much more.



Configurable return reasons

Write custom return reasons for each item category, or use the reasons we provide. 


Integrated return policies

Your return policy is baked in, including final sale, return windows, holiday return windows and more. 


Multiple return methods to present

Decide which return methods are right for your store, and set distinct processing fees for each.²


²Return Bar service only available in the US.



Language localization

Shopper experience is available in English (Australian, American, British), Dutch, French (Canada, France), German, Italian, and Spanish.

Flexible shipping options

Allow shoppers to select their preferred carrier based on their location and preferences or let our software optimize automatically. 


Robust currency support

We support refunds, exchanges, and gift cards in many local currencies.

Multiple-destination returns

Route returns to multiple destinations with multiple carriers, across the globe.


Automated customs process

We automatically submit electronic commercial invoices on your behalf.

Location-specific fees

Set unique processing fees for each zone you sell in.

Man photographing lake with camera on tripod.
Our international customers no longer think we favor domestic shoppers. We’ve also eliminated at least 10 minutes per ticket on every international return, which really adds up.
— Jen Howell, Director of Customer Experience & Logistics, Peak Design