How-to's with Happy Returns

See how easy it is to get the most out of Happy Returns

In this video series, get a closer look at the Happy Returns solution and how it can help delight shoppers, reduce costs, and retain revenue.

How-to: Track shopper feedback

Take a step towards fostering stronger customer relationships. See how Happy Returns can help you monitor Net Promoter Scores (NPS) throughout the return and exchange journey.  

How-to: Retain revenue

Returns don't have to be a loss. Make them a win for you and your customers. Use features within our Return and Exchange Portal to retain more revenue.

Journey of a Return

Ever wondered what happens after shoppers return an item? From the hands of the shopper to our Return Bar, where each item is scanned and verified, and through the streamlined pathways of our Return Hub, discover how each return makes its way back to the retailer with efficiency and care.

How-to: Reduce service calls

Discover how Happy Returns can help make your return process faster and more user-friendly, so shoppers can complete their return without calling you.