How-to with Happy Returns: Decrease customer service calls

Welcome back to the "How-to with Happy Returns" video series. In our last video, we explored the power of tracking shopper feedback through Net Promoter Scores (NPS).  

Today we're tackling another aspect of customer satisfaction that's equally crucial: reducing returns-related customer service calls. This latest video showcases how Happy Returns can help reduce the burden on your service team while enhancing the shopping experience with efficiency and ease. 

Why watch this video? 

  • Automated return portal: This self-service system echoes our belief in the power of customer autonomy, allowing shoppers to initiate returns or exchanges effortlessly.  

  • Transparency: Through automated updates, shoppers can stay informed about their return status from initiation to completion. 

  • Instant gratification: Learn how dropping off a return at a Return Bar helps reduce the classic "Where's my refund?" calls.  

Your customers aren't the only ones that benefit from a seamless returns experience. With Happy Returns, your teams gain visibility into when returns are initiated, why they're returned, when they're dropped off, and when they are headed to your warehouse.  

Click play to discover how we can help make your return process faster and more user-friendly, so shoppers can complete their return without calling you. 


Visit for more ways to optimize your online returns strategy.  


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