Shoppers can now add return QR codes to Apple Wallet®️ for fast, convenient Return Bar experiences

As the company that pioneered box-free, consolidated returns, we are excited to announce a new Happy Returns feature: the ability for shoppers to add their return QR codes to Apple Wallet.  

Instead of having to dig through their inboxes, shoppers gain quick, convenient access when they’re making a return at a Return Bar. On the Apple Wallet pass, they can see the return expiration date, the number of items in the return, and a link to find nearby Return Bars – simple and fast access to the information they need to complete the return right at their fingertips. 

A good shopper experience is key to customer loyalty and overall lifetime value for merchants. That’s why we are continually launching new features that make returns delightful and easy for shoppers - helping to turn what could otherwise be a not-so-fun experience into a positive one. 


"We pride ourselves on delivering smart, convenient returns solutions to our merchants and their shoppers," said Sanaz Hajizadeh, Director of Product Management at Happy Returns. "With the new Apple Wallet feature, we are helping to make returns faster – completed in as little as 60 seconds at a Return Bar – for both shoppers and our Return Bar partners."

Smartphone with confirmation screen and prompt to add QR code to Apple Wallet
Smartphone with Apple Wallet Pass featuring QR code

The new Apple Wallet QR code joins a family of features that help keep shoppers happy during the returns process and contributes to Happy Returns’ lifetime 93 NPS¹. Other key features that shoppers can appreciate include:  

  • Easy-to-use portal that gives shoppers the power to initiate their returns without contacting customer service teams  

  • Intelligent, one-click exchanges that allow shoppers to easily swap items that don’t work for items that do, making changes such as size swaps a click away  

  • Large network with lots of options across nearly 9,000 Return Bars nationwide with 87% of the U.S. living within 10-miles of a Return Bar² 

  • Instantly initiated refunds when items are dropped off and the return transaction is complete 


For merchants, Happy Returns has solution features that help deliver more convenient experiences for both their shoppers and internal teams including:  

  • Merchant-branded portal: Shoppers initiate returns within a customizable portal, with merchants programming the return methods, timing windows, and return and exchange options they want to offer based on business needs 

  • Return Shopping: Merchants can retain more revenue and also offer incentives for new purchases by seamlessly driving shoppers back to their website during the returns process 

  • Easy-to-access dashboards: Merchants have access to critical business information right at their fingertips, including return volumes, return reasons, and the location of items 

  • Single sign on (SSO): Saves time for Enterprise customers who have a way to simplify the Happy Returns log-in process for their teams 

  • Aggregated shipping: Merchants can save up to 50% compared to mail returns³ while also providing merchants with visibility into their return volume and arrival of items 


Happy Returns is dedicated to adding improvements to this return QR code feature and planning to expand it to others. 


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