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Hello and welcome to Soulohm Reviews

Well you’re here, so I best introduce myself…..
My name is Ma
rk and I’m from a small village just outside of Doncaster, UK.I’m married to my wonderful, and very understanding wife Jan, we’ve just not long celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary.

As far back as I can remember I’ve been a mega music fan and at an early age learnt how to play the Guitar and banjo. I’ve been in a few Rock bands over the years, and performed as a solo act, playing mainly at Blues festivals across the UK.

My 1st E-Cigarette:

My vaping journey starteback in early 2011, at the time I had no plan on stopping smoking, the smoking ban was in full force and I was fed up standing outside pubs after doing a gig to have a cigarette.

I`d heard of e-cigarettes, but to be fair I really hadn’t taken much notice of them, I was a happy pack a day kind of guy.
I’d been playing at a festival in North Yorkshire and after the show we popped into the local supermarket to stock up on essentials, Milk, cigarettes etc and I noticed these look-a-like e-cigarettes and thought I’d have a go…if nothing else at least I could use it in the hotel room instead of standing out side in the                                                                        usual English rain.

Vaping and the Channel:

The thing is… I’m the kind of person, once I get into something I really like to know the in`s and out’s and learn as much as I can, and Vaping was no exception..
So straight away I got into the vape scene, watching my favourite reviewers on YouTube, going to local meets and helping out where I could with advocacy groups and supporting the vaping community.

Now when I started vaping, high wattage devices hadn’t really started to come onto the market and to be fair I`m a clouds bro clouds kinda chap, so I went down the route of the mechanical mod and building my own coils.

To be honest, I think I’ve learnt more about mathematics over the past few years than I ever did at school….

Inevitably friends, family & co workers would ask about different aspects of vaping from “What device” to “How do I build coils” and as always “What’s the best Juice to buy”

So this is why I started my own vaping review channel, “SoulOhm Reviews”

Why the name, ahhh that’s a whole other story….so in August 2015 the channel was born

I wanted the channel to be simple and as uncomplicated as possible, and to keep the technical jargon down to a minimum. I always aim for a warm and friendly place, where you can sit back relax and maybe learn something new.

What’s on the channel?

I test and review various vaping devices from starter kits to mechanical/regulated mods also RDA`s / RTA`s and Sub-Ohm Tanks, and a little bit of e-juice Which I must admit I really enjoy doing.

We also have a Live show on a Thursday evening called the Ohm Service which I co-host with my American friend Kris from Lethal Coilz

We chat about Vaping news, Advocacy and general banter and to be honest I think we have the friendliest chat on YouTube.

So that was a bit about me and the channel, hope you’ve enjoyed it and If you’d like to know more why not drop me a message via our contact page.

Many thanks ….and as always …. happy vaping

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