We didn’t want to …..but

We celebrated a year of shows back in April, in the middle of one of the biggest changes any of us had faced in the last two, possibly three generations.

Now just three months on I'm facing writing one of the hardest things I've written in a long time (apart from the rent cheque but hey….), due to changes with real-life we are forced to put Tales from the Ohm on indefinite hiatus.

We’ve looked at the available slots where we could carry on the show and there’s nothing at the minute that we can both do.

There will be those that may say well just go out later or what about so and so time its only….., SoulOhm and I came to a quick decision on that. We will not stream over anyone else. Period…… We both have a lot of love and respect for the community and to do so would be frankly against everything that we believe and hold dear.

We will be back when a slot we can both do opens up, make no mistake, this was a very difficult decision and to all those who have joined us on our travels, you have no idea how sorry we are.

All I can say is thank you, from the very bottom of our hearts, this show was never about SoulOhm and me, it was always about you, that was clear from the start.

We’d start a topic, yes, indeed we would, but where it ended up was always led by the fantastic people, we’d meet in chat week in and out. The shy, the quiet, the irreverent and the god of the gutter. The people who just said hello, to the amazing questions from one and all that we had.

All of it breathed a soul into our little creation.

Some of it nearly corrupted that little soul too!! I shall never look at a brass bed in the same way ever……

The Ohm Service is not going anywhere, and I hope you will join us as we widen the format of the show. Thanks to Stevie joining us I honestly believe there are amazing nights ahead, full of smiles, friendly fingers and huggles.

All that remains is to say this is not goodbye, this is au revoir.

Take care and share a huggle or too from us until we return………


“Aaaaaaand we’re clear”

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