· Meet The Team ·

Lisa Weintriks

Mark Soulohm

John Doe

Steve BFG

Helen Stimuks

Stevie AKA “Betty”

Lisa Weintriks

Mech maniac, redneck blues player & one-man band from the deep south of Yorkshire.

John Doe

Vapes anything he can get his hands on, film nerd, music lover and uses birds of prey to attract ladies.

Helen Stimuks

Eternal goth, B movie fanatic, motorcyclist, and inventor of the “Let me know if you can still see in the morning?” tropical punch. 

The Ohm Service:

In the beginning, the premise for the Ohm Service, was to be a half-hour pre-recorded Vlog, talking about the SoulOhm channel, vaping news, new product reviews and other vape/e-cigarette-related topics. But due to time restrictions, Mark was unable to create a pre-recorded show, But the prospect of going Live was more appealing and less time-restricting.So, on Thursday the 3rd of March 2018, the First live show was aired on SoulOhm`s YouTube Channel.

This format continued for a few months which included, having special guests on the show, and one guest from across the pond, Kris “Lethal Coils” joined the show as a permanent host in October 2018. Now with Kris on board, Topics related to vaping increased to include what was happening in America`s Vape scene at that time. Kris left the show in May of 2020, after being with us for 2 years, he decided to move on and concentrate more on his own projects and live show.

Tales from the Ohm:

While the ohm service was running on a Thursday evening, a new side project came into being…“Tales from the Ohm”, a joint venture between Mark and Steve (BFG). The idea for this show was something a little different, first, we thought it would be a good idea to create a podcast where we talked about Music, Film, Books, Animation and Retro pop culture. And the first eight episodes started this way but soon things were about change. On Sunday 16th of June 2019 at 2 pm, Tales from the Ohm went live on YouTube! The live show continued until the 5th of July 2020 with 58 episodes under our belts.

Back to the Ohm Service

By May 2019 saw Steve (BFG) join the Ohm Service as a permanent host, the show was now a threesome, Mark, Kris and Steve which continued until Kris left in May 2020. With Kris leaving both Mark and Steve decided that it would be a good idea to combine both live shows into one main live stream. With a little less focus on Vaping and include more on our passion for Music, Films, and Retro pop culture, which are still the main topics on today’s Ohm Service.

Two became Three again:

The Ohm Service continued as a duo for a short time until a certain someone from Glasgow, Scotland, came on as a special guest. And in June 2020 our very own Mr Stevie Dilligaf aka “Betty” became our third host.

Now and the Future:

The Ohm Service has gone from strength to strength over the years, our core topics remain, Vaping/Music/Film/TV/Retro/Books/Food and special guests plus much, much more. Over the years, the heart of our show is our fantastic global live chat, which has become an integral part of the live show experience, with a Friendly, Welcoming group of people, helping and interacting with the hosts and one another, It really has become more of a family affair. Plans for the future are to include more guests on the show and more topics of the day but still maintain that light-hearted, welcoming show everyone has come to know and trust.  A format that gained us 5th place in this years (2022) ecigclick awards.  

A massive huggle from the team to everyone who voted for us……