Riot salt Purely Minted…

Vinci X at the ready

We’ve been doing some live juice reviews on the show recently, the excellent Vapepunx range from The Vapery in Liverpool with its brilliant combinations should ring some bells (… What do you mean you missed them??…. Get over to Soulohm’s YouTube channel now!!). A tough act to follow indeed, can Riot Squads innovative mix of Nic Salts and free base nicotine provide a similar flavour sensation?

The weapon of choice for this bullet shaped beauty is the Vinci X running a 0.3Ω PnP-VM1 coil inside. This is the single mesh option and in my opinion the best coil you can get for the Vinci. I know it can handle 70:30 juices with ease so this 50:50 juice should be showcased perfectly.

Looking at the Riot Squad website they describe Purely Minted as a peppermint and menthol mix with a fruity edge. I’m a fan of all three so this is well within my profile.

On the nose, I’m surprised the mint isn’t more prominent, I get berries, I get the sensation of menthol, the mint appears to be shy!! I hope this changes with vaping it.

First pull… Wow…. Just wow, the menthol coolness kicks off the flavours, layered just above it is a warm, rich peppermint.

Think peppermint flavoured mint imperial. That same sweet luxurious sensation is what springs immediately to mind. The menthol coolness really accentuates the mint.

On the exhale the mint takes over that icy menthol blast, and fades into the mixed berries. I wasn’t sure how this was going to work but it’s very very nice.

The flavour is a mix with no prominent individual fruit but cleverly stops the sweet peppermint becoming too much. There’s a respectable amount of vapour , and its very satisfying and smooth without causing complaints from she who must be obeyed about not being able to see the telly.

A great first dip into the Riot Salt range, and I’m looking forward to trying more, based on this.

Overall a solid 8 out of 10.

You can expect to pay £4.99 for 10ml on the Riot Squad website,but  look around and you can get it for a bargain price.

The juice was supplied for review by It’s Not Smoke and I’d like to thank Dale & Ben for recommending this cracking flavour.





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