Kurimu, very Kurimu

Wick liquor the liquid manufacturers from the arid badlands of Staffordshire (their description not mine) are known for flavours as unique as their branding. Contra with its complex fruit, Deja Voodoo with its coconut husk and cane sugar, the ever-popular Boulevard and its New Orleans vibe, and finally the sugary dough ring of Carnival. Available as nic salts, standard flavours and Shattered (iced), they also come in a variety of short fill sizes either the 50ml or the juggernaut a huge 150ml monster of yummy goodness. Yeah I’m a big fan

Not to break the trend they have released 3 new flavours. All based around the Japanese pastry Shu Cream.

The flavours are Miyako Apricot – Yokosuka Apricot syrup and Kurimu cream puff yoghurt, Miyako Forest Fruits – Yamanashi Shadow currant jam and Kurimu cream puff yoghurt, and finally Miyako Raspberry – Honshu Raspberry crush and Kurimu cream puff yoghurt

This is where the first diabolical twist from Wick Liquor’s collective mind surfaces, not for them the standard custard crème filling of the Japanese crispy treat, no that would be far too run of the mill. What can we do? You can imagine the meeting now, “I know lads lets see if we can get a silky smooth creamy yoghurt and fruit filling”

But BFG I hear you mutter, there’s loads of yoghurts, some good, some bad and some downright nasty, it can’t be that different. Well, we’ll see my friend, we’ll see.

Off the Shelf

Wick liquor have used their usual white label with its distinctive woodcut borders, although on the yoghurt range the border has a clear background. Under the logo is “Kurimu Yoghurt” literally creamy yoghurt. Under this is a mountain range with Miyako emblazoned in a different colour depending on the flavour, with the actual flavour under that.

As there are three flavours this may be a bit longer than usual but here we go!


Miyako Apricot

On the nose, the apricot hits you straight away, but it’s not a fruity scent, think the smell of an apricot yoghurt which given the flavour profile I’d be surprised if it didn’t.

On the knuckle, you get a sweet apricot flavour, with very little of the yoghurt tang I was expecting.

Onto the vape. The first thing you get is a very sweet apricot. This isn’t a candied apricot but more like apricot in a very sweet syrup. This is followed by a rich and creamy yoghurt, it’s not a fresh tangy yoghurt, think more along the lines of a fruit corner yoghurt, that very thick rich taste with a slightly acidic kick. The 80 – 20 VG PG mix probably accentuates this richness especially as this juice has such luxurious mouthfeel. There is a hint of the bakery but you have to dial in the wattage to find it. I started noticing it around the 62 – 65-watt mark.

This is a very tasty juice but for me far too sweet for an all-day vape. If you like the Malaysian style of juice you will very likely enjoy this, but I found the syrupy sweetness a little overbearing after a good 20 minutes heavy vaping. The Apricot was I must say absolutely lovely and was what kept me coming back for more.

Miyako Forest Fruits

On the nose, I’m noticing the fruits far more than the yoghurt. The first thing that sprang to mind was the frozen fruits of the forest berry packs that you make smoothies with. The scent is delicious, and I’m definitely looking forward to tasting this.

On the knuckle again the berry flavours mingle and swirl with a heavy note of black currant running right through the middle of the explosion of fruits.

The vape has the same rich luxurious mouthfeel of the apricot, but the fruit flavour has a tartness to it this cuts through the creamy yoghurt giving it a refreshing edge, the same note of blackcurrant I tasted previously rises to a crescendo on the exhale leaving a very pleasant crisp aftertaste.

This is more like it for me, creamy and satisfying with the tang of the fruit compote not overly sweet or acidic. This I can vape all day, every day (and letting you into a little secret I have……..) This is everything I’d hoped for after reading the advertising for the range and it delivers by the bucket load. This isn’t as sweet as the Apricot and benefits in my opinion from it. This is still a fairly sweet juice but nothing like as sweet as an American or Malaysian style juice.

Miyako Raspberry

On the nose the Raspberry bursts forth, this does have a hint of raspberry sauce to it, but there’s a slightly acid edge that suggests a more realistic taste than just an ice cream sauce style of flavour.

On the knuckle the raspberry explodes, this is for me a raspberry coulis type of flavour, a slightly bitter raspberry taste with a sweetness that grows and mingles with time.

The vape is sublime, the raspberry explodes on the inhale mingling perfectly with the rich yoghurt. The fruit is constantly growing slightly in sweetness to a mouth-watering aftertaste. The vape feels rich and creamy and again the bakery note of the choux only appears for me when I start to hunt for it. When we tried these together Soulohm seemed to pick up the pastry much more than I did, but to be honest his taste buds are far better than mine for subtle hints of flavours. On the whole, this is the crown jewel of the range. Tangy, sweet and delicious. If you have a slight liking for raspberry e juices I would highly recommend trying this. In fact, I would go as far as to say the quality of this juice wouldn’t be out of place in a Rochford Project line, and for those that know me, that’s high praise indeed.


Final thoughts

These are superb additions to the Wick Liquor range, all three flavours are rich and sumptuous, creamy and delicious as well as extremely tasty. In order of preference, I would go for the Raspberry, Fruits of the Forest and finally the Apricot. The apricot was just too sweet to fall into the all-day vape category for me but the other two flavours from the range just beg to be tried.

Don’t be surprised if you see Wick Liquor picking up awards for this amazing juice line later in the year. Now if you’ll excuse me I have a bottle of the Miyako Raspberry to try and extract every last little drop from. Now, where’s that mangle?

A huge thank you to Ben and Dale from It’s Not Smoke Retford who provided the juice for review. Visit them on Carolgate and try the range for yourself, along with a comprehensive range of other great juices and Nic Salts.

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