I’m Blue..dah dah dee dahh da nom…nom..nom..nom

Riot-Squad-Blue-Burst-UK-PromoFrom little acorns do mighty oaks grow, and from best-selling nic salt flavour’s? well, it has to be a short fill. 

The demand for this UK developed and manufactured nic salt flavour was so big, Riot Squad would have been crazy not to release a 70:30 bigger brother. Not a fan of pods? Only use RDA’s? RTA’s? or stock coil sub-ohm tanks? Riot Squad has you covered with this latest release.

Off the shelf

First impressions the packaging screams Riot Squad, the unique large calibre shell design of the bottle with its clear labelling, warnings, and I noticed an age mark (yes not every juice line puts them on). There is no way anybody will mistake another brand for this one.

Enough about the bottle BFG I hear you cry is it as delicious as the nic salt, can I enjoy that cool Raspberry menthol goodness that the pod users have been going crazy for, is it to coin a phrase going to hit the target (see what I did there?….yes….no….oh forget it!!)

Blue raspberry ice first appeared at the start of the seventies and depending on which press release you believe either Otter pops or ICEE are the companies that launched the childhood favourite into the American consumer market. Why blue? Simple really, they didn’t want the raspberry flavour to be confused with red cherry ice.

There’s an endearing love for the flavour from young to old, so if you claim your product is going to taste like a raspberry slushy, hoo boy it better.

Opening the bottle

On the nose when you open the bottle you get the familiar candied raspberry smell, so far so good. With the taste test? The first hit is the sweet raspberry ice flavour that turned our tongues blue back in the eighties, then comes a tongue-tingling coolness.

Oh, I am so looking forward to hitting the coils with this juice. I’m using a Royal Hunter x with a simple .5ohm round wire kanthal coil, at around 60 watts.


On the inhale is that raspberry, and a chill that immediately has me thinking of the frozen treat I was looking for! I’m not a massive fan of super cold juices, and this is perfect for me. Even on a cold and damp February morning, I’ve been immediately whisked away to when I had a lot more hair and a lot less padding, trying to con my mum into letting me have another ice slushie as my pupils shrink to pinpricks with all the e numbers crashing through my system.

The raspberry hit feels sweet and rich but the cooling effect stops it from being sickly, the vapour is thick and billowing from the 70:30 mix of PG & VG. Can we have radio 1 on mam? (sorry time slip…)

The thoughts

All-day vape? For me, yes, and come the summer I think you’re going to see bottles of this sweet treat flying from the shelves. Nostalgic, tasty and refreshing all wrapped up in a striking package? What’s not to like?

I’m blue dah dah dee, dah dah dum……

Massive thanks to Ben and Dale to the owners of It’s Not Smoke for supplying the juice for review. If you’re in the Retford area you can pick up Riot Squads Blue Burst from It’s Not Smoke in both its variants, Hybrid nic salt (10mg and 20mg) and the 50ml short fill.

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