Vaping and the environment

On Thursday we came across an interesting article suggesting that the UK needed to take action against one use plastic products.

The environmental impact is obvious, but what about the impact on vaping?

On its release the Preco tank by Vzone raised the issue of the disposable tank and its environmental impact. The firm rose to this by ensuring that the tank was recyclable. This is in my opinion the sort of response we should be seeing with other plastic products in vaping.

The TPD rules stated that premixed juices containing nicotine must be sold in bottles no larger than 10ml. As a subohm vaper this significantly increased the amount empty bottles I produced, until I discovered short fills, but even then my nic shots came in 10ml plastic bottles.

The thing I noticed after reading this article was how many of my bottles didn’t have clear markings telling me the type of plastic the bottles were made from, or even if they could be recycled.

This is an issue that could easily be remedied and had me harking back nostalgically to the old glass dripper bottles that could easily be re used or recycled.

Anyway the article can be found here

Let us know your thoughts on the potential impact of legislation as suggested in the article and what you’d like to see to reduce the environmental impact of vaping.

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