Cherry Fizzle ……summer taste sensation or damp squib?

Back at the start of 2020, Riot Squad released Blue Burst as a 50ml short fill, which got a great reception from vapers all over the globe. Blue Burst was originally part of Riot Squad’s S:ALT range, which features a collection of hybrid nicotine salt e-liquid. Perhaps due to the recent success of Blue Burst, Riot Squad have decided to release another S:ALT flavour as a shortfill.

This time, it’s Cherry Fizzle’s turn to make the switch from nic salts to shortfill. Cherry Fizzle has always been one of the most popular flavours within Riot Squad’s S:ALT range, therefore the decision to add it to their shortfill range seems like a no brainer. But is that the case?

Personally, I do enjoy a cherry e-liquid with a slight caveat.

I do enjoy it, but only if it’s good quality e-liquid. Truth be told, cherry isn’t my favourite fruit as it can be hit or miss, and I much prefer flavours such as mango and blackcurrant. I have had quite a few mediocre cherry flavours in my time, but having tried the hybrid original I was more than a little excited to try out Cherry Fizzle as a shortfill.

I tried Cherry Fizzle in its original hybrid nicotine salt form in a pod and to be totally honest I loved it. I was hoping that in a higher power device, Cherry Fizzle would deliver stunning taste and dense clouds. I’m happy to report my hopes turned to reality as soon as I hit the fire button.

Cherry Fizzle seems to perfectly nail the contrast of sweet and sour notes and delivers a satisfyingly fruity and refreshing flavour, with just a slight cooling note.

On the inhale you are greeted by the infectious taste of fizzy, sour cherries almost as if you were tasting cherry sweets. Decadent sherbet undertones are evident throughout this vape which gives it balance, not too tangy or sweet. Couple that with a very slight cooling effect and hoochy mama !! Bubba go get the truck we’re going shopping.

The most impressive thing that I have found about all the Riot Squad’s e-liquid when I’ve tried it is the fact that their flavours tend to be powerful and in your face.

They’re not shy.

If the flavour range was a girl, she’d never get within 10 feet of your mum, but my goodness you’d kill to take her out.

Cherry Fizzle as a shortfill is absolutely no exception. Your taste buds will be rocked by the taste, DJ hit those tunes!! Me and my girl want to throw some shapes.

It’s no retiring wallflower, and if you remotely like cherry then I can’t recommend this enough. A great summer flavour, and a definite all day vape.

It pulls no punches, but hey love hurts 😊

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