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My Name is Mark and I’m from a small Village just outside of Doncaster, here in the UK. My vaping journey started way back in 2011 and since August of that year I’ve been tobacco free

Straight away I got into the vape scene, watching my favourite reviewers on YouTube and going to local meets and helping out where I could with advocacy groups and supporting the vaping community.

I really got into mech mods (mechanical mods), building my own coils and even a little dabble with DIY e-juice. So inevitable Friends, Family & Co workers would ask about different aspects of vaping from “What device” to “How do I build coils” and as always “What’s the best Juice to buy”

So this is why I started my own vaping review channel, I want it to be a no fuss, easy to follow, simple and as uncomplicated as possible, To help guide people through the minefield that can be,”The World of Vaping”.

So now I test and review various vaping devices from starter kits to mechanical/regulated mods also RDA`s / RTA`s and Sub-Ohm Tanks, and a little bit of e-juice Which I must admit I really enjoy doing.Vaping isn’t just a thing to me, I have a real passion for it, and I’d like to think that my enthusiasm comes across in my videos.

So that was a little bit about me,

Hope enjoyed it and if you would like your product to be tested for review 

Please contact me via our contact page 

Many Thanks